SAM Cafe and Before Care

St. Angela's provides a nutritious hot lunch daily in our SAM Café.  We serve a variety of freshly made, quality foods that provide the nourishment needed for learning.

SAM Cafe

Students have the option of purchasing a hot lunch or packing their lunch daily. Milk is available to purchase for those who pack.

Ordering Hot Lunch

SAM Café participates in the National School Lunch Program which ensures that our students receive nutritious, quality meals that adhere to government standards.

Menus are released approximately 3-4 weeks in advance through the Bruins Bulletin and email. Lunch order cards are sent home with all students each month. To pre-order lunch for your child(ren), cards must be completed and returned to the school. There is a substantial discount for pre-ordering.

Lunch Fees

  • Hot lunch - milk included - pre-ordered = $3.40
  • Hot lunch - milk included - purchased day of = $3.90
  • Milk only =  $0.60

A variety of “extras” are also available for purchase each day. Items include milk, bottled water, vitamin-fortified slushies, ice cream, hot pretzels, and more.

MySchoolAccount and Point Of Sale

MySchoolAccount, or MSA, is the online payment portal for the cafeteria. Each student has an account on MSA. Parents must register on the site and link their child(ren) to their account. 

The Point Of Sale, or POS, is the computerized cashier station. The POS links to each student account and charges for purchases in real time. The POS uses finger scanning technology to identify student accounts. All cafeteria purchases are charged through the POS. 

What if my child forgets their packed lunch?  

  • The child may call home for their packed lunch to be brought to the school. Lunch bags should have the child's name and room number on it. The person delivering the lunch must report to the school office to obtain a visitor's pass before going to the cafeteria.
  • The child may purchase a hot lunch for $3.90. This amount is automatically deducted from the balance on their MSA account. Students are able to purchase lunch ANY day.  
  • The student may receive an “emergency lunch” if they do not have money in their account. Our policy is that no student ever goes with out a lunch.

Birthday Certificates

SAM Cafe offers families the option to purchase birthday certificates to help their child celebrate birthdays and special occasions instead of providing treat bags or baked goods in the classroom. Birthday certificates can be purchased for a whole grade, a whole class, or even just for an individual student from time to time, allowing each student to pick out their own treat.

Orders for birthday certificates must be placed at least 1 week in advance of the birthday or special day. Order forms can be completed and sent back to the school, or emailed back to .

Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Although we are not part of the federally sponsored program, St. Angela's offers free and reduced lunches for families in need. We use the same income guidelines as the federal program and use a similar application and verification process. 

If you think your family may qualify, or if your income situation changes during the year, please complete the application and return it to the Nutrition Services office.  This is a strictly confidential program and we strongly encourage those that may qualify to utilize this service.

In addition, if your family qualifies for free or reduced lunches, we also offer assistance with before care, including breakfast. Email Danyelle Anderson or call (440) 333-2126, ext. 148 for more details. 

Peanut Allergy Information

For the wellness of our students with peanut allergies, our cafeteria has a table designated as a “Peanut Free Table” at which students may not have any peanut products at this table. In the case of an allergic reaction emergency, parents who have children with peanut allergies (or any other life threatening alergies including asthma) are strongly encouraged to have on file in the school office and school clinic an Allergy Emergency Plan along with the child’s EpiPen.


Children in all grades have scheduled outdoor recess time before lunch. It is very important that children are appropriately dressed for the weather. Only when it is raining or extremely cold will the children be kept indoors for recess.

Before Care

This program is strictly a drop-in basis, with no scheduling calendar or pre-payment, so that we can serve not only families with daily needs or those who have unexpected changes in schedules, but also kids who just need a quick , wholesome breakfast.

Before Care is available to students each school day. Doors open at 6:30 a.m. Breakfast service starts at 6:45 a.m. and is served until last bell. 

The fee for Before Care is $2.50 per student per day. Breakfast is available to purchase for $3 per student, but not required. If a child purchases a full breakfast tray, the Before Care fee is waived.

All fees and purchases are charged to the student's individual MySchoolAccount through the POS cashier station. 

To learn more about our Before Care program email Danyelle Anderson, or contact the SAM Cafe at (440) 333-2126, ext.148.

Please Note:  Before Care is an extension of the Cafeteria Program and is not affiliated with Extended Care.