Kindergarten Program

Admission for Kindergarten Students

Students applying for acceptance to St. Angela Merici’s Kindergarten program must be 5 years of age by August 30 of the year in which they are entering Kindergarten. A Kindergarten Readiness Screening is conducted in April prior to Kindergarten enrollment and is required for admittance. Early admittance is considered on a case by case basis, based on Kindergarten screening results and teacher/administrator recommendations and review.

Parents are encouraged to call (440) 333-2126 to arrange for a tour of our school with our Lower School Principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Andrachik.

Kindergarten Curriculum Includes:


Religion Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies Physical Education STREAM Learning World Language: Spanish Technology, Library/Media Fine Arts: Visual Art and Musical Foundations


Typical Day in a SAM School Kindergarten Class

7:30 Arrival 7:45 Broadcast and Morning Prayer 8:00 Calendar time 8:20 Religion 8:45 Language Arts 9:25 Mathematics 10:00 Morning Recess 10:30 Reading small groups/centers, Science/Social Studies 11:25 Handwriting 11:40 Recess/Lunch 12:30 Story Time 12:55 Specials 1:35 Rest Time 2:00 Pack up/End of day Broadcast

Kindergarten Readiness Checklists:

Language Development. Can your child:

*follow through on 1 and 2 step directions *use descriptive language (i.e. tall building) *use simple conversational sentences *pretend, create, make up songs and stories *talk about everyday experiences

Writing Development. Can your child:

*try to write, scribble, or draw *ask you to write notes or letters *attempt to write letters, name *try to draw shapes, pictures, etc.

Reading Development. Can your child:

*enjoy getting a book as a present *recognize own name in print *’read stories to you *pretend to read books by looking at pictures

Social/Emotional Development. Can your child:

*use words to solve problems when angry/frustrated *use manners such as please and thank you *attempt new tasks, knowing it’s okay to make mistakes *have success in sharing and taking turns *respect the rights, property, & feelings of others

Concept Development. Can your child:

*recognize and name colors *watch or sort items by color and shape *draw a picture of him/herself

Physical Development. Can your child:

*put puzzles together *cut with scissors *hold a crayon or marker correctly *gallop or try to skip

Health and Safety Development. Does your child:

*have a set routine and schedule for bedtime *wash hands *dress ~ put coat on by them self *follow simple safety rules

Number Concept Development. Can your child:

*arrange items according to size, shape & color *arrange toys or objects from big to small *correctly count four to ten objects *use comparison words such as bigger, heavier, smaller

meet Our Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Becky Arsena

2Arsena, Becky.jpg

Mrs. Arsena has been teaching kindergarten since 2006! She is a graduate of Wittenberg University and earned her Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Cleveland State University. Prior to teaching at SAM School, Mrs. Arsena spent a year in Japan teaching English oral communication. Mrs. Arsena is not only a teacher, but a parent and parishioner here at St. Angela Merici Parish. Of her many hats worn, Mrs. Arsena coaches the school’s Girls on the Run team; a 3rd-5th grade group which promotes healthy self esteem and positive body image through running, In addition she is an integral part of our school’s STREAM team!

2Cirillo, Elizabeth.jpg

Mrs. Elizabeth Nieberding

This is Mrs. Nieberding’s eighth year teaching at St. Angela Merici School! Newly married in July of 2018, Mrs. Nieberding is happy to continue to grow her roots as a west-sider with her husband. She graduated from Xavier University with a major in Early Childhood Education. In addition to teaching Kindergarten, Mrs. Nieberding is also a coach for the school’s Girls on the Run team, and assists in spreading well wishes and cheer with the staff’s Sunshine Committee.