Lower School (Grades K - 4)

Our Lower School’s focus is rooted in meeting the needs of the individual learner. Our teachers are trained on strategies that focus on creating a personal path for each student for remediation, practice, and enrichment across all academic areas. We are fortunate to have an amazing auxiliary team of experts to assist us in meeting student needs including a speech pathologist, school psychologist, intervention specialist, Title I remedial tutor, and gifted education specialist.

We strive to develop the 'whole' child by creating a positive and faith-filled community for learning by focusing on teaching empathy, compassion and Catholic Works of Mercy, both in instruction and in action.  Each of our lower school students is immersed in walking in the shoes of another and gaining perspective and acceptance.  

Our instructional strategies are hands-on and often reinforced with our iPad, ActivBoard, and web based technologies which are present in all of our lower school classrooms.  Additionally, our students are enriched with our Fine Arts Model to allow critical thinking skills and creativity to blossom.